Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Latest RSS Blog Links and UCPC

I'm off to Boston this Friday to join in the activities at UCPC, and I've been working on my presentation as opposed to generating new Blog material. In return for the lack of new material, I'll do write ups for three of the talks that I can attend. I'm choosing between:

  • Running Practices Your Team will Love and Hate-Tiina Booth
  • Prepare to Play Your Best: Constructing a Competitive Routine-Kris Kelly
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness on the Ultimate Field- Michael Baccarini
  • Common Injuries: Treatment and Prevention for the Ultimate Athlete- June Srisethnil
  • Preparing for Spirited Play- Miranda Roth
  • Panel Discussion: Professional Behavior in the Sport of Ultimate (I'll be at this one)
So, if you want my perspective on a particular talk, just e-mail me, or maybe I'll make a poll tomorrow.

The other thing I wanted to pass on was the latest Ultimate RSS feeds in an OPML file (this file will only be available for a little while longer until I get a new website account). The OPML file can be fed into a feed reader like GReader (see my article on the topic).

If there are any Ultimate blogs out there that would like to be included in this list then just e-mail me. My minimum requirement is that these blogs talk about Ultimate related aspects at least 75% of the time and are reasonably active (no definition for reasonably).



Sport Management Steven said...

Regarding UCPC, as they say in academic circles, pick your sessions on the speaker, not the topic,

Best of luck