Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poll Thursday - Dead or Alive?

So last weeks poll was a question of what sources of Ultimate info do you use. The greatest source was (RSD) which came in at 80%. The next two most important sources were blogs and word of mouth from friends. I find it hard to believe that blogs weren't higher since this was a poll taken on a blog, and you had to get to the blog somehow (probably through a blog amalgamator like UltiTalk). It's just funny, but I'm sure there was some vote splitting somewhere.

To continue this path of polls on information, for those of us who visit RSD you've likely noticed the high amount of user group spam that appears each and every day. Normally, I would just look at the active older post section, but that's starting to see spam too. My question is, do you think RSD is: (poll to the right).



Bill Mill said...

Where's "sick just like it's always been"?

It's not *dying*, but it's not healthy either. Just moderately crappy.