Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The newest ultimate book

I had a chance to read some of the latest Ultimate book, Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented By Man. On my first pass, I quickly scanned the book to see what was in it, and I was happy to see small little lists such as the best tournaments to go to and Ultimate team names. On my second pass, I made an effort to look for tournaments, teams, and players that I've played at or with. Again, I found lots of references that made the book that much more enjoyable. On my third pass through the book, I started to pick out specific topics and read them in a little more depth such as the profile of an Engineer Ultimate player.

Pictured Above: The book cover.

On each pass, I found reading the book very enjoyable, and for that reason I'm considering getting my own copy (instead of borrowing Norm's) . The question I have, is what is the strength of the book and who is it best suited for. Obviously, ultimate players will enjoy the book, but anyone else?

I think you should have the book to:
  • have some copies of book for your college team, and pass the copies around to rookies to give them a perspective of the game.
  • put a copy in your washroom. The book is well suited to pick up and read in small little stints. Also, I think this is the perfect to introduce the sport to those not familiar with what we do.
  • put a copy in your lobby. If you have a lobby in your line of work, then put a copy there to introduce the public to Ultimate (similar to the bathroom concept).
  • have a copy for road trips. The book has some trivia and topics that can only enhance an Ultimate trip.
Some of us were pondering whether the book is a good thing to give to parents, significant others, and friends who don't play. The idea being to introduce them to why you don't see them in the summer. We came to the conclusion that even though the book captures many aspects of Ultimate very well, it won't bridge the "why do you play" gap.

Pictured Above: Slow White and Shazam Returns in the UPA co-ed finals (picture courtesy of me).

My only complaint with the book is they list Torontula as a geek team name, and Torontula isn't listed as a legitimate college team when McGill is. This is nothing against McGill (as I think they deserve to make the list), but I feel their inclusion on the list should justify ours.