Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poll Thursday - Is 1st in College Open a given?

Last week I asked how your teams warmup is, and how it sets you up for the games ahead. A large percentage of people said there teams are either well prepared for games or prepared most of the time. We didn't hear any comments on how these teams achieved this, but apparently, people out there know what they're doing. I still don't think the teams I've played with have figured it out yet.

Results from Stanford invite got some people commenting on how the Open UPA college series is all about second place. Wisconsin has had a great spring season so far, and other than two tight games against Arizona and UBC they've dominated the competition. The question then is, how much would you bet at 3:1 odds that Wisconsin will NOT win it all. This means if you bet 10 dollars or pounds if Wisconsin does not take 1st at UPA Championships you would get $30. The less confident the less you would bet (poll right).



Sport Management Steven said...

If the Patriots can lose...