Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This weekend Paganello - Go to list has one less

I'm off to Rimini beach this weekend for the beach tournament they call Paganello. I'll be playing with Mr. Twister in what should be a great Easter weekend.

Pictured Above: A GB masters player (who I might have been covering on this point) focuses on the catch (photo courtesy of Mathias Karady a.k.a. MadK).

With my participation in this tournament, my list of "have to do tournaments" has one more strike (or greying). The list is:
  • UPA Championships - Amazing ... the promised land
  • Canadian Nationals - Meeting of Canadian Ultimate
  • Gender Blender - Unbelievable Friday night (the Las Vegas of Ultimate)
  • Chicago Heavyweights - Teams as far as the eyes can see and the coolest trophy in Ultimate
  • Jazzfest - Montreal is an amazing good time
  • Boston Invitational - This first tournament that I felt was truly big in Ultimate
  • Chesepeake - Crabs are amazing
  • Paganello - The beach legend
  • Emerald City Classic - The premier invitational tournament in the world
  • Colorado Cup - The number 2 invitational tournament
  • Clambake - Legendary tournament that I've always wanted to go to. I love seafood
  • Poultry days - Big tournament with chicken
  • Potlatch - Another legendary tournament
  • Trouble in Vegas - I've never been to Vegas. Mix that with Ultimate
  • Burla - The beach's unknown legend
I'm not sure I'll get a chance to get to all these tournaments, but at least it leaves tournaments to look forward to. Are there any other must do tournaments on your list?

Happy Easter,


DLK said...

Labor Day Championships in Santa Cruz.

Bones said...

Lei-Out in Santa Monica.

The Pulse said...

Kaimana in Hawaii

The Pulse said...

April Fools in Washington, DC

sideline said...

From what I've heard the party at Trouble in Vegas isn't really that good. It's like the Fergus, Ontario of Ultimate.

Knappy said...