Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Team Canada - my news

I thought I would officially announce my recent exciting news. I'm an assistant coach for Team Canada Juniors Open for the upcoming World Championships. Kirk Nylen (a great friend and teammate of mine) is the head coach and Geoff Urton will be the other assistant coach from out west.

This is a huge opportunity for all of us. I'm thrilled to work with a group of Juniors instead of getting two or three young kids at University of Toronto in their freshman year.

There are lots of challenges to getting together and preparing for the season, but we've already discussed a few ideas that might help us.

In other news, Sheri Madigan and Lexi Marsh will be taking the reigns for the Jr. Women. It's going to be exciting to participate in the championships, and I hope to meet a range of players from around the world.



march said...

how you gonna coach form England?

giorgio said...

Congrats Pete. See you on the field in Ottawa.

lank89 said...

congrats, i was wondering how long it was going to take you to post the news. I'm really excited about the coaches they picked this year, and i hope to be one of the players who gets to play for you this summer

james said...

Lexi Marsh is coaching the ladies, I couldn't think of anyone better. Guess the American has gone to the other side...