Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poll Thursday - Winning the party

Last weeks poll was odds on Wisconsin not taking the gold in the college open series. Our gamblers, with their imaginary money, bet high. Maybe it's a good bet based on Wisconsin's two losses at Centex last weekend to Florida and Michigan. Also, I'm glad to see a team out of the Great Lakes region making some noise (even if they're a rival).

This week's poll flips from the serious to the fun. It's a question about winning the party. At Paganello this year, I extended my party+play streak from a previous record of 31 hours at last years Gender Blender to 43 hours at Paganello. The question is does staying up the longest mean you win the party (poll right)? Just so you know there were two other contenders that I know of. My roommate James held out for a while, but took a 20 minute nap, and a guy named Kim was my saviour, buying me a cappuccino before I had to head out to my 8:30 game after the first 24 hours. I, currently, have no report on if Kim went to bed.



Skidmore College's Ultimate Frisbee Club said...

There is way more to winning the party than staying up late. Staying up late is part of it because you generally need to put in the hours to win a party.
Winning a party is a team competition, so it's good to spread out your resources.
-Have a pair of your teammates go all night on the Beirut table without losing a game.
-Win games of strip cup against an attractive team. Everyone will appreciate it.
-Start the dance party and keep it going
-Crowd surfing anyone?
-Make more friends
-Be more outrageous
-Be more fun
-Have more fun than any other team
-Include other teams in your fun
-Don't be a dick
-Don't brag about how you won the party, if you did, you probably wouldn't know because you'd probably have blacked out
-Be the people who brought an extra keg for when the hosts run out

Taylor said...

uh, there are no attractive teams in open. And Peter always wins.

Drew said...

I think not having gone to sleep at midnight the next night, and having drank and yelled so much that you can no longer speak, is a fairly strong indication that you won the party. Also, you were present on the show pitch for "The Greatest Team Ever" sunrise team photo. Strong work.

You're a hero, Dr. J. Until next time...

simontalbot said...

Staying until last is only part of it. To win a party, you must be the team/player everyone talks about the next day.