Friday, June 27, 2008

Link Friday - {Boston, UK, and Goat) at Boston Invite, Linking to links, World Fantasy, and Data based science

My favourites this week:

  • Boston Invite is the big event this weekend. This was the first tournament I went to where I looked around and said, "wow, Ultimate can be serious". Steve has some views on Canada's entries in Open and Women's.
  • Once again Lean & Hungry Fitness picks up some info that just makes you sit and say...yeah, that's right.
  • World fantasy ultimate at UltiVillage (props to Thomas Black for the link). Make your picks in, currently, the Open division on how the countries will finish.
  • Is the scientific model dead? You say who cares...well then what are plays? Are they not simple models that we test based on success or failure. I was glad to see some analysis on my personal complaints with the original article.


Jeff said...

pragmatic social construction for those who are looking for an epistemological base to stand upon ...