Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poll Thursday - Tournament expectations

Last week we pollers claim that there is a home field advantage. The commenters made some good points on the value of logistics at local tournaments versus long distance travel. On the other hand, I'm never a fan of local tournaments, because I would rather spend a weekend with the team then head back to my own bed each night. It's too much like league. Whether team bonding helps short and long term success, is debatable.

This week I'm interested in what people expect from a tournament in terms of amenities provided. In the UK tour, we have been spoiled. Every field has been lined, the preliminary setup is extensive, the fields have been top quality (in my books), and most of the amenities have been great. The players who complain about tournaments here should try a few North American tournaments, because the quality ranges greatly.

My question is, are bananas, baggles, water, cones, and fields (without any major holes on them) satisfactory for you at a tournament (poll right)?



Daniel D said...

I find that in UK the quality of the fields is generally good.

What's bad is the the bathrooms/changing rooms/showers: They are filthy. It's also not rare to find cold showers.

The availability of food used to be worse than it is now.

The quality of cooked food is usually poor. I don't understand why it's normal for sport centers in the UK serve burgers and chips. E.g. Bristol and Cardiff.

I am aware that I am a whiner. Most players in the UK don't seem fussed with any of above.

Ulti-lover said...

I aggree with Pasta, pitch quality is usually good; but cold showers are never fun, pitch water is a recurring issue and healthy food is usually hard to come by.

For one of my tournaments this year I picked up 400 bananas and gave them all away for free...

With tour prices steadily approaching £200 TD's ahould provide more than pitches, cold showers and a greasy spoon.