Friday, June 20, 2008

Link Friday - $$$ Cleats, Dry Cleats, Make your vote count, Time, and speed thoughts

Interesting links this week:

  • Lean & Hungry takes a brief look at $400 cleats. I can't imagine ever spending this much for a pair of cleats. Ever...
  • Some of you might have missed this in the comments, but here's a link to the waterproof cover for your cleats. No clue if this is good or not, but I'd be interested in people's comments.
  • Chance to vote for an allstar team to play against team USA at Potlatch in Seattle. I can't find my name on the list ;)
  • Solstice in Eugene this weekend has it's own set of time based rules. Great idea to keep the game moving. Here's a link to f1215833808 with the scoop (thanks to Kieran McConnell for telling me about this earlier in the week).
  • Finally, a not so interesting interview (for those not interested in MMA) with John Fitch. The one thing many people might find interesting is when John talks about not being able to get faster, just being able to maximize his speed. Instead, he's working on timing...any thoughts.