Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poll Thursday - How important is the RRI score reports

Last weeks poll on tournament profits is always a topic that generates some good comments. It seems that the voters feel that from 10% to 50% is a reasonable amount of profit. This related to the value received fits into the standard range of product markups.

This week, I feel like pushing for more diligence from the TDs and community in general. If you're not familiar with RRI, it's a brilliant system hosted by the UPA to report scores and rank teams. I, personally, love the RRI, and I wish that every tournament on the planet reported there tournaments through this system (that inlcudes you UKUA).

This last weekend, Grand Trunk participated in their first tournament (at No Surf) of the year, and I wanted to see how the boys were doing. Where do I go? RRI. Unfortunately, the results weren't up until later, but that's still much better than last weekends Solstice tournament. As much as I love to search every RSD post to find out what happened, I demand results faster.

Of course, when I was doing the Technology for Canadian Nationals, I received some criticism for not getting results up fast enough. The criticism was right, we need people to know what's happening even if it's in terms of simple numbers. I do, however, understand that running a tournament along with all the details is a lot to do (hence the profit).

Then there's quality organized tournaments like the Boston Invite, which in the past updates scores the day of. Let's hope for the same.

So, with that little rant over, my question to you is how important is the RRI to you (poll right).

As a fun little bonus poll, who's your favourite to win the Elite Open Division at the Boston Invite (poll right).



march said...

the "money shot" from No Surf

dusty.rhodes said...

RRI = pointless as outcomes determine the winners in ultimate, not rankings. Win at sectionals, regionals, nationals and rri takes care of itself.

Score Reporter = Awesome. Wish it were more up-to-date and had a smoother user interface. Love it though.

Handy said...

RRI is HARDLY pointless, it just constricted by good score reporting and should not at all be used as the only way to grade teams. To suggest that it isn't helpful is erroneous.

unrelated: Jeters, once upon a time I used to wonder why this blog was on UltimateTalk but since then you've found ways to really add value in this forum, kudos.