Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ultimate Articles - What types are out there?

This old article in the Times takes a look at the styles of columns. Ultimate blog discussion is similar column based, so I thought I would look at the four listed instances they classify and compare them against what I do. Then afterwards I list the other types of Ultimate blog posts.

The four categories for columns are:

  1. “Am I Alone In Thinking” - This is for the Ultimate piece where someone points out an opinion that they feel nobody else has (but likely do). For example, I might put my "Miniworlds - does anyone care" into this category.
  2. “Lessons of History Column” - This is historical comparison showing the similarities between the past and now. I, personally, don't think I do too many of these styles of posts. Maybe I should do more?
  3. “I Spot the Emergence of a Big New Trend” - This is where you look at some trend and maybe apply it to something else. I do this kind of post all the time. My most recent would be on Twitter.
  4. “Tricks of my Trade" - Thoughts into how we do different aspects of our game whether coaching or individual. This is another category of post that I tend to do. The last set was on "Move Repertoires". This is probably many peoples favourite since it passes on thoughts on how to, and we can apply it to get better.
The other categories for Ultimate blogs that I can think of are:
  • The tournament recap
  • The workout/practice recap
  • The how's our team doing
  • The direct links to useful information
  • The poll
  • The picture set
  • The debated issue from my angle
  • The team and player predictions and analysis
Am I missing any? What would make our "grassroot" based coverage better and what do we all want more of?



Mackey said...

The biggest void in the blogosphere I can think of of late is the lack of in-the-trenches coverage of teams and tournaments. Granted, we get this somewhat from blogs, but it's all piecewise (also granted, most people only want to cover their own team). Make whatever you will of Match, he filled a big void.

I don't think it should fall to one person though. We really need an equivalent of the Huddle for coverage at large--they've dabbled a bit in tourney coverage which is swell...but since MSSUI went under last year college and club in the states are in need.

As for other categories...I'd offer dithe ultiverse's interviews--if you count podcasts as blogging. There's really no reason similar stuff couldn't happen in written form either, we just don't see it much (people tend to speak for themselves).

JdR said...

The Preview?
The Announcement / Press Release?
The Interview?