Thursday, June 04, 2009

Poll Thrusday - Market Size for PPV

Last week we had a poll on paying for PPV Ultimate and what tournaments you would consider watching. The results show that 71% of you would pay - great. Unfortunately, that's 47 voters and at $10 a pop over 4 tournaments, the best we could assume is about $1600.

Steven over at Canadian Ultimate had a post discussing his view on the topic. In the following discussion the issue seems to be market size. So, the poll this week is what do you think the market size is for Ultimate. Note, I have no stats on this, so you'll have to make an educated guess (poll right).

Stats that I found and might help:

  • There are roughly 22,000 members in the UPA with 70,000 former members (cite).
  • Canadian league size: Ottawa 5000 members (cite), Vancouver 4500+, Toronto 4500+, Winnipeg 3000+, and Montreal 2400 (cite)


Sport Management Steven said...

Are we talking national/international events as opposed to regular summer big tourneys? That was the assumption in my poll answer.

Good job on the numbers. Yes, 5000+ people play ultimate in Ottawa. However, The market that follow/care about touring is much smaller. The number of people who will pay to watch us play is smaller than that.

Great discussion, look forward to your readers ideas.