Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better than Nicotine patches?

While cleaning out my room for my upcoming move I found some Lifewave samples. At worlds last year, I had a talk with one of the reps and he was pushing these Lifewave patches.

So what did I get?

  • Energy enhancer
  • Icewave
  • Silent nights
In other words, I got a number of patches that are supposed to stimulate acupuncture points for various results.

What is my opinion on these? To be honest, I haven't tried any of the patches and I'm highly skeptical. In my limited research, I've browsed through the corporations research papers, and background checked the actual researchers. The skepticism continues.

I doubt I'll do a proper study of this option. I'm not looking for a magic bullet. Is there any opinions out there? Also, were they at Worlds with the theory that the grassroot nature of Ultimate might go for this idea more than other sports?



Dani D said...

I am reading about some research studies and I am always amazed by the placebo effect.

If you believe it, it will work.


T1000 said...

They're all homeopathic patches, so there's not much going for them, and very literally nothing in them. They really are nothing but placebos, as Dani says.

On a related note, I've experimented with some Motrin menthol patches, out of curiosity. I think it's a better product, but I don't think it has much benefit beyond minor pain relief.

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