Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poll Thursday - In for the cards?

So last weeks poll was about different types of posts on blogs and what people would like more. The top six types are:

  • Player Analysis - 57%
  • Tricks of my trade - 55%
  • Trenches Tournament/Season Coverage - 50%
  • Tournament recap - 49%
  • Team Prediction - 42%
  • I Spot the Emergence of a trend - 38%
I'm sure that's useful information to all of us writers out there.

This week the poll is simple. Will you be submitting a card for the Ultimate card set I proposed yesterday (poll right). This will help give me a feel for what type of response is out there.



Anonymous said...

where can we submit trading cards?? Shep... made a few Roy05 cards of Dakin and I that I'd be happy to submit.

Jeters said...

The cards need to follow the template as in the previous post. This isn't a card competition, it's making a 2009 Ultimate set.