Friday, June 05, 2009

Link Friday - Ready, Set, Go

My favourite links this week are all about the new club season in full action:

  • Cazenovia is happening this weekend (the likes of Goat, Ironside, and PoNY) as well as Cal States (Jam, Sockeye, and Revolver). Two bloggers (1-Canadian Ultimate and 2-F1215833808) are looking at the scenes respectively. Any twitterers?
  • Texas shootout (Johny Bravo and DoubleWide) for $4000 is on this weekend. Man did I love going to Austin, Texas.
  • There's a tonne of tournaments that are all interesting: Mixed Easterns, UPA Grand Masters, etc.


Stephen Hubbard said...

Why such a large prize in Texas for such a small tournament with a seemingly foregone conclusion?

Jeters said...

A software company that some of the guys play on sponsors the tournament.


Tyler said...

calstates too, although its gotten much less press. jam, sockeye x, LA, SD, Rhino, & Scum in 1 pool (in that order), and Revolver, Sockeye y, Condors, Portland, Sharky, & J-men in the other, plus a mixed and (very strong) womens division including Fury, Riot, Traffic, Zeitgeist, Slackjaw, Schwa, Safari, Lady Condors, and Pasion Azteca

Sport Management Steven said...

Is Calstates posted on the upa?

march said...

How did you miss Gender Blender? good times for sure.