Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Asian BlockStack?

North America seems to be trailing in one category in terms of Ultimate development - the Ultimate vlog (video blogs). Thinkulti reminded me yesterday that I got an email for Asian Ultimate TV over the holidays on their recent efforts to build something along the lines of BlockStack in the UK.

I watched the sixth episode to get a feel for the show. Shane (can't decipher last name) runs and appears as the host on the show. The first part includes an interview with Manu Karan from India based Ultimate. The interview looks into the expansion of Ultimate in India. Interesting perspective on Ultimate expansion, if that's waht you're interested in.

The second half of the episode goes into highlights from a recent tournament in Taipei accompanied by some electronica music.

Overall, the quality of the footage is reasonable and the content is there for all of us who can't seem to consume enough Ultimate media. That leaves South America, Europe, and North America the remaining continents with strong Ultimate and no internet TV representation. I wonder who's going to step up next.