Friday, January 23, 2009

Link Friday - Goals and

My favourite links this week:

  • [New Blog] The Ultimate Shubbard.
  • [Tournament] Gender Blender - Fergus, ON, Canada
  • Related to the goal setting article this week, a commenter suggested pair coaching at Noomii. It looks like a good approach for achieving some goals.
  • Here's a paper on the up and coming creation of a multi-touch user interface. Any thoughts on how an Ultimate video game might be made given an interface like this.


Jon H said...

Recognized Jeff Hans work, here is a link to a video of his interactive touch screen.
Jeff Han TED Talk 2006
Here is a link to his start up
Perceptive Pixel
It looks pretty amazing as a user interface tool and wonder what medical imaging could do with this, but not sure how good it would be for gaming.

Jon H said...

This I think is revolutionary for gaming. This is a link to Johnny Lee's Work with the Wiimote. Imagine an ultimate game that would track your head position / and hands with the Wii controllers
Johnny Lee TED Talk 2008 Wii Remote Hacks