Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Caps off to Clocks

I've captained teams for about 6 years, and I'll tell you a little secret. I, barely, understand the different types of caps. Therefore, to be lazy and proactive at the same time, it is time to change the Ultimate landscape once again. What we need is to add a clock to the game. When the buzzer goes off, game over, or play continues until the team with the disc turns it over (like football).

Pictured Above: Queens vs. University of Toronto at 2006 University Easterns in Guelph. Left to Right on the field - Peter Jamieson (me UofT), Alex Davis (Queens), Malcolm Johnston (22 UofT), and Ernie Linn(Queens).

Let us look at the pros and cons.

  1. I don't have to learn multiple different ways of having a time cap. Sure the new rules try to explain this but I'm never clear
  2. The last second play becomes a part of the game.
  3. Time management with a visible clock adds additional pressure and tension.
  4. Pulls will happen faster with a visible clock.
  5. Simple
  6. The universe point still will exist for overtime ties.
  1. TDs loose some of their power. More of a chance for no captain's meeting.
  2. Device has to be purchased.
  3. Game becomes more rigidly structured.
Now what would this device be? I'm looking for the following features.
  1. Clock that times down to a buzzer.
  2. Secondary clock to time between points and timeouts.
  3. Score counters.
  4. Maybe timeout counters.
This device could even be handheld or pretty small. I'm thinking hand powered or solar with battery. I can't see the device costing more than 20$ based on my limited manufacturing knowledge. A cool little device to make the game a little more exciting and to simplify my life.



Tom said...

I'd like to see a stall clock for settling of fast-count arguments. Stalls would still be called by the defender, but this would give observers an objective way of settling stall counting issues. In an ideal world, we'd have big stall clocks like NBA shot clocks at both ends of the field, and counting would be unnecessary, but for now this might be the best solution (although it would still require observers).

Jeters said...

To Tom,

I like it, and yes it would suck to have to run the stall clock as an observer. Maybe you could have both teams press indivual buttons to start like a voting machine.


Anonymous said...

? = Ernie Lin of Queen's

Anonymous said...

Based on my manufacturing knowledge it would cost $20. But based on my knowledge of products made specifically for ultimate, it would retail for $99.99.