Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Good Times

Hey Folks,

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Let's remind ourselves why Ultimate is such a great sport. Let's look at what the fundamental aspect of Ultimate that makes it so great. Sure there's the competition, the winning, and the glory. The reality, however, in a sport where most of us pay to play is that quite simply, there's lots of fun to be had in Ultimate.

Pictured Above: The party scene at Goosebowl 2006 in Kingston.

The reason many of us call Ultimate, Cultimate, is that as you get more and more in Ultimate, you find that you are addicted to the sport. This addiction is partially due to the challenge and the competition, but anotherthe major factor is the fun we have with friends and opponents.

From a touring perspective, the fun is going with your team over a distance to play, eat, and party with a group of people that make you laugh. Over a weekend, you'll probably laugh over a hundred times, and not your average giggle, but that full belly laugh that burns calories by the thousand.

As a coach, you really need to grasp this fun perspective. It is important that the team plays within your system, and tries to achieve the goals that the team and yourself have set, but the primary factor is that everyone has fun.

The funny thing that ties into the whole aspect of fun is that when you are happy and having fun, the positive aspects improve your game.

Let the good times roll.



Tom said...

I want to address the cult-like and addictive nature of ultimate. Lots of people become incredibly dedicated to their sports, but no-one really considers it particularly strange because they are participating in mainstream sports. Basketball and soccer wouldn't qualify as cults simply because they do qualify as religions.

Ultimate, like any sport, can be highly addictive, but as a fringe sport, the addiction tends to affect a different class of people and in different ways. For me, a major appeal of ultimate is that I can play at a high level, and a major part of the addiction is the drive to become one of the best. This goal, while not completely realistic, is still not completely out of reach simply because ultimate is such a fringe sport. I, and most other people I know, have no chance of ever become a high level athlete in a mainstream sport. On the other hand, a mainstream sport in many ways has a much higher payoff for reaching those sorts of goals.

There are lots of other, better reasons to play any sport, but if we concern ourselves only with the quest to be the best, ultimate is a sport where most players if they are willing to put in the effort, have at least some chance of becoming one of the best, whereas for most other sports, people like me were genetically disqualified the day we were born: we can still play the sport and enjoy them, but in terms of dedicating ourselves to the goal of becoming the best, a dedication which leads to addictive tendencies, we just don't have very good odds.

Jeters said...

Still, the coed element, the general party and tournament for older people and the fun we have are still the major reasons Ultimate can be Cultimate.

In Ontario, we are starting to see second teir tournaments almost 2 times a month for the non-elite players. This means the sport is still accessible to a huge range of people.

It's all about having fun.