Thursday, September 21, 2006

Early Picks

Hey Folks,

So last weeks polls were interesting (mainly to me). Approximately, 29 voters...survey says:

  • 42% of you would be interested in other writers from anywhere (23% from Toronto, and 23% just don't want a change).
  • 41% want 3 posts a week, 28% want 4 posts a week.
Well, the readers must be listened to. I will look into finding some other people to post. At first it will be a female and male (taking all applications). I will reduce my posts per week to 3 taking Tuesday off (but I don't include poll Thursday so it will sort of be 4ish posts). I also retain the right to lose control and post if I want to (it's my blog, and I'll write if I want to).

Now for this weeks question. We'll start in the with some early guesses for UPA qualifiers out of the North East Open division. I would like to poll all the regions and all the divisions, but that's a lot of details. It would be nice to have some guest write ups from people in the know from those regions and divisions (e-mail me if interested).

Picks this week are:
  • Number 1 pick to go to Florida from the North East in Open - 6 choices
  • Number 2 pick to go to Florida from the North East in Open - 6 choices

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.



honeyhands said...

You gotta vote for goat #2... represent the homegrown.

Rich said...

Did NE not get the size bid? I thought there was a good chance.

I guess GOAT will have to repeat their win over Twisted from Chesapeake.

Unrelated, but any opinion on the new 11th edition rules? Some interesting changes, i.e. Disc space rule.

Rahil said...

Oops, posted this in the wrong comment...

NE regionals seedings talk...