Friday, September 22, 2006

Century Club without the Beer

Hey Folks,

I'm close. I'm really close. Depending on how you count I'm actually there. There's one stat that I'm actually interested in over a career. Participating in 100 Ultimate tournaments. I think it's such a big thing that I'm going to design and make a badge. Then, when people get to their 100th tournament I'll give them the badge (maybe sell them).

Pictured Above: Sasha Necakov catching over Ian Brooks at one of the best co-ed parties in Canada - Gender Blender. I've been 5 times and oh, what a party.

I think 100 tournaments is significant. 17 weekends a year (over 6 years), 700 games, 1000 hours of ultimate, 60000 minutes, 10000 throws, 150 drops, 200 layouts, and 1 callahan. That's lots of tournaments, and if anything people deserve a cool badge.

UPDATE: As of this weekend I now have 2 callahans!!!



Anonymous said...

Wow that is a scary thought. I am pretty sure I am way above 100. Yikes. With the one stupid year of 23 tournies, I would have only had to average around 6 tournies a year for the other 11 years of touring, so I am pretty sure I am made the 100 mark (probably closer to 130). Yikes. I need to stop playing!


wartank said...

hey pj (or bc), how did you guys count? you've inspired me to do the same, and it's fun! and i like fun! and i like liking fun! what?

(how) did you count
a) attending one day of a tournament
b) attending a one-day tournament
c) all nighter tournies
d) one-day 6-sport all-nighter tournies

Jeters said...

Hey Wartank,

My rules were two day or greater tournaments. I guess you could combo one day tournaments together.

As for all nighters, I didn't include the one I went to (and won).


Anonymous said...

I know I am missing a bunch, but this is what I can remember in 5 minutes.

10 Nationals
3 Regionals
10 Gender Blender
13 Wednesday A Playoffs
6 Monday B Playoffs
3 Mid season
6 Northern Flights
6 GooseBowls
4 Uni Nats
4 Uni Easters
3 McGill's Unleashed & Untrained
7 Solstice
3 No Borders
3 Jazz Fest
3 Coed Jamboree
2 Fools Fest
3 Mardi Gras
2 Devine Nines
2 Gut Rot
1 World Clubs
1 Poultry Days
1 Unknown Legends
2 Rochester
1 Potlach
1 UPA Sectionals
1 UPA Regionals
4 Comedy of Errors
1 Octoberfest
1 Zodiac
1 Kalamazoo
1 WUFF Coed Championship

Total 119.

Yikes. That is ficken scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the above post was me.