Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is it too much?

Hey Folks,

Poll Thursday was a great success last week (32 voters). Let's look at the results and start a new poll.

So, last week we were wondering about how much time an intermediate/advanced team needs to practice.

  • Best time to Practice? Winner is Evening (44%) with Morning (16%)
  • How long to practice? Winner is 2 hours (67%) with 1.5 hours (17%)
  • How many practices/week? Winner is both 3 and 2 (37%)
This is great information for coaches. I still really like Torontula's 5 day a week every morning 1.5/2 hour practice system for two months.

Pictured Above: Torontula at 7AM getting ready for a practice. From left to right, Tim Chapman-Smith, Lowell Heppner, Billy Wyttca, Inina Moorthy, Shawn Chua, Dante Reino, Kirk Nylen, Pat Dolan, Rahul Sarugaser, and Tom Walsh.

This week I had a request from one of the regular commentors, Warren Tang. His suggestion was to find out if people would like a slower release of material for "The Cultimate Opinion" so that there is more discussion on each topic.

The poll questions this week are:
  1. What frequency of posts is good? (7 possibilities)
  2. Would you be interested in other posters posting on this Blog? (4 possibilities)

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.



Honeyhands said...

I think that for this blog to really maintain its high level of prestige, posts can come from any player, but they should be reviewed by an editor, such as Peter since it is his blog.

That way there can be some organization about topics and the frequency of posts; if there are two opposing opinions, they could be run the same week as point/counterpoint.

taylor said...

I think that the current system is working pretty well. ESL is right that there should be more opportunity for discussion. Maybe a facebook style wall?

Jeters said...

To honeyhands: you lost me at prestige, but editing makes sense if we add some more contributors.

To taylor: I'm not sold on the comments appearing with the blog, but maybe we'll try it for a week or two if I can figure out how to do that.


Ofer said...

I'm with Taylor on this one - I have to specifically check the (smaller font) comments link to see if anyone had something to say. if the comments are on the same page, they are much more visible.

Jeters said...

So I looked into getting the comments together with the posts. Apparently, with blogger there is no simple way to do this. I was going to try out the concept this week, but can't. That solves this debate.