Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hey Bud

This is a bit of a step away from Ultimate, but I feel it is a key factor during the Ultimate weekend (especially with those Halloween parties coming up). So after a day of Ultimate there tends to be partying. I have nothing against partying; quite the opposite. One suggestion for you and rule we have as a university ultimate team is the buddy system.

Pictured Above: Many of the boys from Torontula's TB hanging out after a day of Ultimate.

The buddy system means that for the night you have one person who is responsible for you, and you for them. The concept is that both buddies will lookout for one another during a night and make sure everything is safe for both of you.

The rules of the buddy system include:
  1. Tell your buddy if you are going somewhere, and if that means leaving then you need to find a new buddy for them.
  2. If leaving you need to provide a telephone number or address where you can be reached.
  3. You should be in eye contact or roughly know where your buddy is.
  4. Buddy's are honest and tell how inebriated they are including how many drinks.
  5. Buddy's respect their buddy's opinion and will listen to their opinions.
Basically, the buddy system is an adult method of having that extra safety check. This system is good for college teams, but it is even useful for us older folks.

The reason we came up with this system is partly in relation to the tragic death of Chris Powell last year at our Canadian University Ultimate Championship and partly because of various poor decisions we (my teams) have made in the past . So, the buddy system is a very serious thing, and hopefully, it will help keep us all safe.