Monday, October 16, 2006

Win the Lotto with the Basics

One of the challenges of practices is what to cover over a limited time period. This gets even trickier when we are dealing with the basic skills. One approach that I've come up do try and help this is with a drill called 'Lotto'.

I'm a strong believer in practicing dumps, berkeleys, and three man. Each of these drills can take a long time to execute taking up significant practice time. The drill, "Lotto", is a combination of all three of these drills where in each drill each person gets 5 throws (hence 555 - lotto). All of these drills are performed in groups of four (meaning three man is run in a triangle).

When Torontula practices start we run, stretch (dynamic, static, and maybe ABCs), and then run the lotto. The lotto is considered part of the warmup and is performed at a fast pace to keep the blood flowing. We like the order: dump drill, three man, and berkleys.

We tend to push to get the drill done in 10 minutes. The focus is on making good throws during the drills (not rushing). The part that needs to be rushed is setting up the next rerun of the drill. If this is done, it is possible to get 60 touches between 4 people in a 10 minutes. The slowest drill tends to be three man, but the timing is almost the same for each drill.

To motivate people we start with 20 pushups for everyone. For each D you get, you get -5 off your pushup total. For each drop or bad throw away you get +10 to the pushup total. This motivates the defense. We also get competitive and group up in pairs trying to beat the opponents

That is good bang for the buck.



Anonymous said...

could you explain to the readers what this 'lotto' drill is?

Honeyhands said...

I think it was mentioned in the article, but the lotto is a sequence of 3 drills that are run with 4 players:

1. Dump drill. 2 on O, 2 on D. 1 D Player marks O player with the disc, other D marks O player cutting for the dump from behind/beside the disc. Rotate positions after 5 throws.

2. 3 Man. A triangle of 3 people. Person with the disc is marked by the fourth person. They try to throw to 1 of the 2 other people in the triangle (chosen beforehand). After throwing, the thrower runs and becomes the mark on the person thrown to in the triangle. The receiver (who is now marked) throws to the next person in the triangle, etc. for 5 throws each.

3. Berkley. 2 O, 2 D. A sideline is defined. A thrower with a mark is situated on that sideline. The other O player cuts up and down that line to receive the disc with a defender on their hip. Rotate after 5 throws.

It's not too hard to do in 10 minutes if there is focus and people run to reset the drills.

Hope that helps!