Friday, October 27, 2006

UPAs Day One

Hey Folks,

Day 1 at the UPA tournament is complete. Canadian teams finished 5-3 (Furious 3-0, Capitals 2-1, and Glum 1-2). Day 2 sees Furious continuing on a winning path, Capitals getting beat by the Goliath, and Glum going to .500.

In the rest of the tournament, it appears that seedings were mostly right. A few highlights to note:

  • Open - Revolver loses to Vicious at Universe, but beats DoG
  • Open - Bravo beats Ring of Fire 15-9
  • Open - Furious 'creams' DoG on day 2
  • Women - Rare Air beats Brute Squad
  • Women - Furious and Riot killing everyone
  • Mixed - Bad Larry's obviously mis seeded
  • Masters - Not much excitement.
It looks like the weekend will be full of interesting results. Unfortunately (Fortunately), I'll be at a Halloween tournament and won't be able to virtually stay up with the tournament.

Here's a link to the main site with some write ups from people attending the tournament.



Rahil said...

DoG - Sockeye Quarters, should be one of the games of the tournament. After Revolver beat DoG, they go and lose to Rhino. I guess the NW is just THAT much better, could it be a NW sweep in the Semi's? Revolver will have to beat Chain, while Rhino takes on Bravo. Furious plays Ring.

VC beat Revolver on day one on double game point, but is playing for 13th.