Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've Seen the Future

I had a few thoughts about defense when I read George's post. Then I thought about the recent MLU run. Then the light bulb flashed.

What is my idea? I was thinking that instead of the MLU rule that throws from the 20 yard line scores 2 (similar to the three pointer in basketball) that, instead, making the endzone into different scoring regions would make the game better.

In the simplest form, I imagine that the endzone would be split into three. The middle part of the endzone would be worth 2 points. Left sides and right sides from the middle part would only be worth 1. I'm not exactly sure about the width of the extra score zone.

What do I think this would cause? I think it would give the defense something to protect and make it a challenge for the offense to score in that middle region. This would be sort of like the tightening of defense around a goal or basket. This might make offenses hold the disc a little longer and try and score the bigger points.

It would also change the dynamics of the constant trade where it seems impossible for teams to break upwind on a windy day, you might have to consider how important the double is.

I do have some concerns that it would also weaken the defense. This new endzone means that teams could possibly only worry about the 2 point score allowing the one, and try to win the game by returning with 2 point scores. It seems possible that this would happen, but I don't think so.

I thought it might be an interesting idea. Maybe we will try it at one of our practices.



Anonymous said...

Having a two point line has all the benefits of a two point zone, but also encourages hucks. A two point zone encourages... up the gut cuts and longer endzone play? I'm not drooling 2with anticipation, maybe I'm the only one...


Jeters said...

Hey Mike,

You're right that the idea would change the game. I guess we would treat it like pro sports and test out the concepts much like the MLU did.