Thursday, October 19, 2006

Poll Thursday - Lady of the Day

Hey Folks,

Sorry I missed last weeks poll Thursday, so I'll report on our results from two weeks ago. The poll at that time was about voting on the best city with a combination of hockey and ultimate. Twenty-nine people voted and the top three results are as follows:

  1. Vancouver got 54% of the vote
  2. California north bay area got 21% of the vote
  3. Boston got 17% of the vote
I still think the North Bay Area has the best combination since Vancouver is still weak in both hockey and women's ultimate, but apparently the majority doesn't think so. I think there's too much belief in Furious.

Well that was the fun poll before we get into voting on who's going to win the UPA championship this year. Let's start off with the women's division picking for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The choices are:
  • Fury (RRI 3225)
  • Riot (RRI 3282 - 3-2 against Fury)
  • Backhoe (RRI 3045)
  • Brute Squad (RRI 2918)
  • Wild Card (Rare Air, Ozone, Safari, Showdown)
  • Real Wild Card

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tayloe said...

Looks like Toronto's bias for the Capitals is going to rock the 3rd place poll.

Anonymous said...

Re: Vancouver women's ultimate bashing

How many cities in your poll have two women's teams in the top five RRI?