Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poll Thursday - Hockey Season

Hey Folks,

Last weeks polls were answered quickly since the NW played there regionals. The top 4 seeds were:

  1. Furious George
  2. Sockeye
  3. Revolver
  4. Rhino
Let's compare those to our vote getters. I'll do this in two ways. First the top pick in each category:
  1. Sockeye (59% for first)
  2. Furious (61% for second)
  3. Justice League (56% for third)
  4. Rhino (40% for fourth)
Well, it looks like we got Rhino correct and flipped first and second. Now let's look at the results based on total percentage of votes:
  1. Furious (102%)
  2. Justice League (100%)
  3. Sockeye (93%)
  4. Rhino (71%)
  5. Revolver (33%)
Well Revolver showed the Ultimate world that there for real, and we were off. For a writeup on the details of the weekend checkout 1 and 2.

So, this weekend will have the remaining 3 regionals. Since we've already voted on the NE, let's have some fun this week and worry about picking national winners over the next few weeks.

The poll topic for today is the best city for hockey ultimate combo. The rules are simple, which city has best hockey NHL team, Ultimate Open team, and Ultimate Women's team. If you don't see your pick then add it to the comments. Choices are:
  • Boston = Bruins, DoG, Brute Squad
  • Toronto = Leafs, Goat, Capitals
  • Vancouver = Canucks, Furious George, Prime
  • California North Bay Area = Sharks, Revolver, Fury
  • Denverish = Avalanche, Johny Bravo, Rare Air
  • New York = Rangers, PoNY, Ambush
  • Chicago = Blackhawks, Machine, Nemesis
Who could win the tripple crown? The cup, and both UPA championships. That's tough. What about which Ultimate team could make the best hockey team? I like Toronto for this one, and maybe Montreal if they had of put a team towards Regionals.

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Jeters said...

I'll start with some comments...

Bruins...didn't make the playoffs last year or this year?
Prime...didn't make it to UPAs


Rahil said...

I think it has to be NY, All 3 made it to the big show(playoffs/Nats) last year(I believe).

Vancouver is a trendy pick, but the Canucks didn't make the playoffs last year either.

Rahil said...

Oh Man, I just realized, PoNY didn't make it last year did they?

My bad.

Jeters said...

I agree with the Vancouver call, but they have a better chance this year other than Prime. I still think The Bay Area is the best. NY will be good in hockey this year, but not Ultimate.


Anonymous said...

Prime didn't exist last year. As for this year, both Prime and RoughRiders would have easily qualified in one of the many sucky regions out there.

CASE CLOSED (what can I say, the coast is the most, as is Luongo)