Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Best Movie Before a Tryout or Tournament

Hey Folks,

So it's the night before a tournament or a tryout and you want to put yourself in the right mood for playing the next day. What is the best movie or show to watch to put yourself in the right mindset?

Initially, we all think of inspirational movies such as Rudy or Hoosiers, or maybe an Ultimate DVD such as I Bleed Black or Disc 4: The Year of the Monkey. I'm sure this is a personal preference issue, but maybe we can all pool some thoughts together. I'll take suggestions (in the comments) and put the five best into a poll for Thursday.

Pictured Above: More from Michigan Sectionals. The weather must have been really bad in those postponed tournaments.

I think that comedy is the way to go. Forget about sports. Forget about the pressure. Watch something that will relax your mind and body, and a good laugh will release serotonin and other good stuff into your system. Then with a good sleep you can get amped up in the morning.



dusty.rhodes said...

movies that i have either watched or known others to watch before play:

fear and loathing in las vegas
the big lebowski
the matrix
the crow
team highlight videos
enter the dragon
star wars
fight club
a better tomorrow
kill bill 1/2
any given sunday
jet li's fearless
sin city

As for me, there is one movie that gets me cranked up like no other:

When We Were Kings.

If you're watching Disc 4 or I Bleed Black, you should be on either Furious or UCSB, respectively. Then again, that's just me.

lexinator said...

My choices:
Run Lola Run
Space Jam (in 7th grade)
Bend it Like Beckham
Blue Crush

Mostly I'm going for movies that make me want to get off my butt, provide a certain level of cheese and provide images of girls being hardcore.

From the other list I'd vote: matrix, highlight videos, fight club and kill bill

Anonymous said...

Any movie that really shows feats of physical prowess tends to get me really fired up. I'm not sure if getting fired up the night before is a good idea, but the day of certainly is. I've found that Ong Bak definitely has this effect, as does Rize or anything from The Golden Series of Krump. I find that movies like that make me want to perform physical feats, which is kind of the mindset you want to be in for sports.

Taylor said...

I've never been one to watch tv etc before a game (either night before/morning of). That said, my new favourite morning show has to be lazy town. I mean, if those puppets can get excited that early in the morning, I sure can.

Nirk said...

miller high life.

Pan said...


I Bleed Black is more motivational for Carleton than UCSB.

dusty.rhodes said...

THAT is a good point, pan.

I think there's a pun in there with CUT and Bleed, but I'm not dedicating any more thought to it.

But what do I know? I was just a spectator at that Nationals in Ft. Devens.

Steve said...

Man on Fire..I have my best tournaments, games, and work meetings after watching this movie.

Jeters said...

Nice suggestions all. When We Were Kings is a great one...both comedy and sports thriller.

Sorry about not including your Steve. I had already made the poll last night.