Thursday, April 19, 2007

Poll Thursday - Movie prep for Ultimate

Last week poll Thursday dealt with the joys of being cut from a team. I didn't think enough about poll one and making proper pools, but the majority of people got cut from 0 to 20% of the time they tried out. Also, for the majority of people, getting cut pushed them to become better.

As I said in my last post, I thought we would review what is the best movie or show to get you pumped up for the next day of Ultimate (either tryout or tournament).

In the first poll, the question being asked is what genre of movie is best.

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Next, which movie (chosen from last posts comments) do you think is best to prepare for the next day.

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Taylor said...

I'm the 2nd voter on this poll. Too bad I didn't check this sooner, otherwise Lazy Town could have had a triumphant few minutes with 100% of the vote. I guess I can settle for 50%.