Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Workout - What is next?

I've talked about workout ideas and how to phase your workouts in preparation for the season. So, some of us are into full-season (College UPAs), others are in pre-season (Club), and others are in early season (Clup UPAs). What should we all be doing? Here's a few resources that I've been looking at.

Pictured Above: Abstract pictures of our circle discussions on a beautiful day in Bowling Green, OH.
  • Ultimate Fitness DVD - they did a presentation that I missed at UCPC, but I heard good things. One emphasis is on core strength for weaker muscles to protect against injuries.
  • A few days ago on RSD I read a topic on workouts and they had a link to the 300 workout. I watched the video, and I've read lots about this type of training. From the video it looks like strong man exercises mixed with plyometrics and calisthenics. Seems to make sense. The theory that not doing the same exercises won't allow your body to adapt seems to have some merit (I've heard this concept in lots of other places).
  • I also read a few fitness blogs including this one which emphasizes the concepts of power lifting to get faster. I really like their discussion on gaining strength without increasing your weight.
Pictured Above: More from the circle.

That's about all I have time to read right now, but I welcome other people's resources. I like the idea of kettle balls and plyos, but I don't think I'll get into that stuff until May. Our team will probably be practicing every morning in April if we qualify for Great Lake Regionals, so that'll be more than enough for me.



Don said...

hmm that Ultimate Fitness DVD sounds tasty. The 300 training probably requires a full gym, plus a large tractor tire. Oddly enough, I'll have easier (read: free) access to the tire than the gym.

thanks for the tips.

Don. http://www.mufc.us

Scott said...

Ulti. fitness DVD is quite good, I have a copy of it. Another workout that a buddy and I are following is exactly along the lines of gaining strength without increasing your weight. The website is www.bearpowered.com ... you can purchase the ebook, which I did. Essentially it boils down to doing low reps (less than 5) and medium sets (less than 5) and continually striving for personal bests in two exercises .. bench press and deadlifts. Box jumps are performed between sets followed by a full 5 minute rest before the next set (has to do with tapping into certain energy systems). After the lifting it's straight into a number of core exercises.

The goal of this workout is to increase top end speed

It's difficult to say if the workouts are paying dividends on speed as we're not outside running yet but we have definitely drastically increased our maxes on the deadlifts .. and there's been no weight gain. So hopefully it'll pay off.