Monday, April 23, 2007

Book Review - Successful Coaching - Part I of the Story

Hey Folks,

We had a beautiful weekend of Ultimate here in Toronto. Our co-ed and women's teams had mass tryouts, and the master's and open teams had some minor runs. I played a few points this weekend on my leg, which seems all right, and the sun made me feel good.

My main Ultimate thoughts are still on the upcoming season and my coaching plans for the team. My preparation for the season includes organization and research, and one of the books I've been reading for research is Successful Coaching; America's Best Selling Coaching Book.

Pictured Above: A picture from Montreal Jazz Tournament in 2005 of Giles Deshon looking for an open cut.

The goal of the book is to provide insight into the science and art of coaching irrespective of a specific sport. Instead of an emphasis on techniques and tactics, a full range of coaching topics is covered that the author believes are key to becoming a successful coach.

The books broken up into five parts:
  1. Developing a coaching philosophy
  2. Sport psychology
  3. Sport pedagogy
  4. Sport physiology
  5. Sport management
Over the next few posts I'll review each of these sections and contemplate how they apply to Ultimate.