Monday, April 16, 2007

College Sectionals - The dust begins to settle

Over the weekend ~20 Open sectionals and ~20 Women's sectional tournaments were played (although it many of them had weather postponements).

I thought I'd scan through the Open results and find some highlights (I'll leave Women's to IC Ultimate). It's too bad that we don't have reporters at each of these tournaments to give us a feel for this stage of the series.

There were no major upsets in any of the sectionals so far with the majority of number one seeds keeping their seed. The most exciting games were the back door games for second place.

South Region

Bama (Mississippi) - South
  • LSU (3rd seed) pulls off 1st overall in the biggest seed change for first place.
Ozarks (Montana) - South
  • Missouri (10th seed) upsets Arkansas (2nd seed) in pool play.
  • Kansas (3rd seed) beats Oklahoma (1st seed) to take 1st overall.
  • Washington University (4th seed) takes 2nd after winning a back door rematch 15-7 to Oklahoma after losing to them 12-6 in the semis.
Texas (Texas) - South
  • Texas (1st seed) wins 1st overall.
  • Texas A&M (2nd seed) beats Texas State (3rd seed) in semis 14-12, loses to Texas for number one, and then loses to Texas State 15-11 in the back door for second place.
Atlantic Coast Region

South (Florida) - Atlantic Coast
  • Florida (1st seed) takes 1st overall.
  • Central Florida (3rd seed) upsets Georgia (2nd seed) in the semis 13-12, but Georgia comes back in the back door game for second and beats Central Florida 13-2.
Blue Ridge (Virginia) - Atlantic Coast
  • James Madison (1st seed) takes 1st overall.
  • Tennessee (2nd seed) beats Virginia Tech (6th seed) 15-14 in semis, loses to James Madison, and then loses to Virginia Tech 13-10 in back door for 2nd place.
Carolina (North Carolina) - Atlantic Coast
  • No results
New England Region

Metro Boston (Massachusetts) - New England
  • MIT (2nd seed) beats Harvard in the finals 11-8 to take first.
South New England (Rhode Island) - New England
  • No upsets in pool play - Brown, Wesleyan, Roger Williams, and Connecticut College finish top in their respective pools.
  • Tournament delayed.
East New England - New England
  • Next Weekend
West New England - New England
  • Next Weekend
Metro East Region

Colonial (Maryland) - Metro East
  • After day one no upsets for the top 4 seeds.
East Penn (Pennsylvania) - Metro East
  • Pennsylvania (1st seed) holds their spot in pool play. Tournament conclusion postponed.
Upstate NY (New York) - Metro East
  • Cornell (1st seed) and Queens (2nd seed) meet in final (score unreported).
Metro New York (New York) - Metro East
  • Vasar (1st seed) and Princeton (2nd seed) meet in the finals (score unreported).
West Penn - Metro East
  • Next weekend
Great Lakes Region

Michigan (Michigan) - Great Lakes
  • Michigan (2nd seed) beats Michigan State (1st seed) for 1st overall.
Central Plains (Illinois) - Great Lakes
  • 27 teams in this tournament makes it the biggest sectionals so far.
  • Illinois (1st seed) takes first overall without any problems.
East Plains (Ohio) - Great Lakes
  • Ohio State (1st seed) takes number one without a problem.
  • Miami Ohio (5th seed) after loosing to Ohio State in the semis crushes everyone else to take second.
Central Region

West Plains (Iowa) - Central
  • Iowa State (1st seed) beats Luther (2nd seed) 15-9 for 1st overall.
Lake Superior - Central
  • Next weekend
Northwoods - Central
  • Next weekend
Northwest Region

Washington/BC (Washington) - Northwest
  • UBC (1st seed) takes first overall.
Bay Area (California) - Northwest
  • Stanford (1st seed) walks through this tournament for the most part winning their last game 15-12 over UC Santa Cruz.
Oregon (California) - Northwest
  • Oregon (1st seed) takes 1st easily (highest scoring opponent gets 3 points)
Big Sky (Utah) - Northwest
  • No results
Southwest Region

Colorado (Colorado) - Southwest
  • Colorado (1st seed) walks through everyone with best opponent scoring 6. They also have a 15-0 win over Air Force in the semis.
So Cal (California) - Southwest
  • UC Santa Barbara (1st seed) takes 1st beating UC San Diego (2nd seed) 15-9 in the finals.
  • Claremont jumps from 4th seed to 2nd overall in a back door win over 9-7 over UC San Diego.
Dessert - Southwest
  • Next weekend


rufio said...

In the east plains section, OU's main two guys both had pretty bad arm injuries during the finals vs. us. One, arguably OU's best player, went to the hospital after badly injuring his arm/elbow. They probably put a few more points up on us and beat Miami if those guys arent hurt. Think a poor man's florida last year, sans Timmy and Kurt.

Conditions were pretty much the worst. Snowing/raining all of saturday, fairly high winds, really really cold. The feilds ended up comprised of 6" deep mud pits/puddles no grass to be seen anywhere. I would not be suprised if a lot of the sectionals results were skewed due to this weather.