Thursday, April 05, 2007

Poll Thrusday - Tournament Pricing and Profit

So people heavily favour Nike's TDs (49%) and comfort (59%) and cleat pattern (grip) are big factors in your cleat selection.

This week I thought we could poll on the per person price for a tournament fee under a set of conditions, and whether people feel if TDs should be making a profit on tournaments above a standard fee.

First, the assumptions for a tournament fee are:

  • 2 days
  • Good fields
  • Standard bagels, bananas, and water
  • Saturday field dinner
  • ~18 people on a team
  • Basic physio
  • No included accommodations
  • 1 Game disc per team

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Next, do you think a TD should make money off a tournament above a stipend of approximately 300$ (just a guess).

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Anonymous said...

Saturday field dinners are not effective, cost or food-wise. You forgot to add party with free beer.

Ezra said...

Making a profit is one thing, but High Tide this year cost $500, plus $10 a person for the hat tournament. Session 2 was 60 teams, and I'll assume that half the players went to the hat tourney. That's $36,000. Minus the field cost, bagels and bananas, and water, also hat tournament players were given a beanie and there was a catered dinner thing. Shirts and Discs sold seperately. Seems like a lot of profit...

_dusty_ said...

Seems like there are 60 teams that think $500 for the week was a pretty decent price. If the fee was $500 and only six teams attended, you might have a point. I think I learned somewhere along the line that if the demand is higher than your supply, you raise the price until the demand equals supply. If he's got room for 60 teams, but 100 want to attend, then it seems reasonable to charge $500. Your team attended, did it not?

Don said...

I'd be interested in any input for my tournament. I'm hosting a one-day hat tournament in Manitowoc, WI on June 30th. We've set the fee at $15 per player. I'm the TD, but a first-time TD at that. I hadn't even considered taking any kind of money for efforts.

We're lining up sponsors for items in the player packs, including a shirt and disc (hopefully), that each player gets with the reg fee. We'll have sports drinks and bottled water for sale and other stuff as well, including lining up a spot for a social event that evening (we can't pay for drinks though).

Keeping in mind that our group is a non-profit ( ), is $15 too steep? also feel free to sign-up for the tourney ;)

scott said...

Does anyone know where to pickup Nike Speed TDs or New Balance M890 in the Toronto area?

I've called "Si Vous Play" but they only have size 14s or so I'm told.

Or is the only solution to order them from the states online?


James said...

If a TD is looking to turn a profit it would be nice if they said where it was going -- local college team, area disc federation, their own pocket, etc.

malcolm.johnston said...

not sure about the toronto area, but go to, where you'll find the old (but awesome) Nike Men's Super Speed D Low cleats for $59.99 as well as the new TDs for 79.99. There are also NBs and others.

Try Niketown at Bloor and Avenue too

Jeters said...

I'm all for the openness of the tournament. Profit should be made and the rules of economics - supply and demand - are fair indicators of price. I just feel like it's nice to know where the money goes.