Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jump balls and late throws - Foul?

To each their own is my general feeling about fouls. When I play, I like to grind a little like a basketball player, and I won't call anything along those lines. In general, though it's a personal opinion if you think you're fouled or not.

The two situations I find the hardest foul calls to watch are when a poor throw is made that results in a jump ball and a late throw is thrown.

Pictured Above: A jump ball from CUC'07 (photo courtesy of Marc Hodges).

In the first situation, a bunch of people go up for a disc, nobody catches the disc, and one person yells out, "foul". Personally, I just don't think you should call a foul in this situation. The throw is essentially a turnover from the throw and you should go to try and catch the disc, but unless there's a flagrant foul (not incidental contact) then let it go.

The second call is made when you're fouled, you then throw, and you call foul. This is a turnover since the foul was not on the throw. I think this call is made because people are trying to do their team's strategy and take advantage of fouls on the throw. This is fine, but the above sequence is not fine, and it's a turn.

Both situations happen frequently in Ultimate. I think most people know what happened when it is explained, but have too much pride to change their call. I have more respect for people who think about the situation and admit when a turns a turn, but to each their own.