Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Season Switch - Time to evaluate and set the pace

The Canadian ultimate club season is split into two. We have the summer series leading up to Canadian nationals and the fall season run to UPAs. This transition point is a perfect time to evaluate the season so far. If you don't have an official break (our opponents to the south) like this make one at half way through the season. It's a good time to reflect and recoup.

As much as you think you evaluate your season unless your pro actively working on a review your just passively thinking. You actually need to spend about ten minutes and (re)write what you were hoping to do (goals), and how close you were to achieving your goals during the first half. Write down what improved in your game, your teams game, and what got worse and needs improving.

Pictured Above: Tombstone and Glum guys in the air at the finals at CUC'07. Tombstone takes the win to represent Canada at Worlds (photo courtesy of Marc Hodges).

For my review I satisfied 1 short term goal and missed out on 2 other short term goals (one due to injury). My coaching goals were for the most part satisfied. The trick now is resetting the goals or making new ones for the rest of the season. The same is true for team goals.

The other thing to do at the halfway point is to look at your life and make sure everything is in place (as much as possible) to make the busy aspect of the remainder season more calm. Check how burnt out you are and do what you have to be ready for the big push.

The good news for me is after a weekend off I'm bored and ready to hit the touring circuit.