Friday, August 31, 2007

Battle for the Best Ultimate Jersey

Similar to last year I'm hoping to have a poll battle, but this time for our favourite Ultimate jersey. Lots of you weren't thrilled with the Logo Battle, but a bunch of us had a great time voting week in week out, and watching our team logos lose to various top team logos.

Don't worry. I'm not going to run the jersey battle during the fall series and I'll leave it for the off season, but I need to start planning and getting submissions. So, please e-mail me your jersey submissions in picture form similar to the photo below:

The basic rules:

  1. I can change the rules.
  2. Photo format for your team ultimate jersey
    1. Front and back shots of the jersey (one or two photos)
    2. Can include both light and dark, but will be considered one submission
    3. No game action shots
    4. No nudity
    5. JPG format
    6. Should show the jersey well (the above photo is not the best example of this, but not the worst)
    7. I have the right to not except a photo, but will e-mail you back on why. This will hopefully allow time for resubmission
  3. One submission per team
The basic format of the contest:
  • Single elimination with possibility of wild cards.
  • It will depend on the number of submissions.
That's the basic plan. So send your submissions to jamieson dot peter at gmail dot com. I'll start the battle in November accepting submissions until the first round is complete.