Tuesday, September 04, 2007

UPA Series - The indicators are done

All the big tournaments in the Open division have now passed that give people a clue as to what might happen in the fall series. Not to say anything can happen, but with Emerald City Classic, Colorado Cup, Labor Day, and Chesapeake tournaments complete we might be able to make some guesses as to what might happen in the UPA fall series.

First let's speculate the classic East vs West North America . Let's look at representatives from the East in the 3 western tournaments:

  • Truck Stop - Colorado Cup has them losing to everyone except Machine with some tight games all the way. They head out to Labor Day Classic and continue to lose against top western teams. They do win one against Rhino.
    • Overall a negative for the East, though not the top team out of the east.
  • Boston Ultimate - Wins over Revolver at Colorado, but not much success there. At ECC they beat Rhino, Sockeye, and Bravo from the West on day one and lose to Revolver and Jam.
    • Overall a positive sign that the East will compete.
  • Ring of Fire - Wins over Rhino and Voodoo (Seattle's number 2 team) at the ECC.
    • Overall a negative for the East with a win over one of the lower western teams.
It's definitely still favouring the west in terms of who seems to be stronger, but there are some signs that the eastern teams might surprise the west. They will at least compete in some tight games.



The Pulse said...

There's also the fact that so many west coast tournaments are far away and whole squads might not make the trip, whereas everyone will be at 100% for nationals. Chain Lightning's performance at ECC was not very strong either, though.

Danny Karlinsky said...

I expect Chain to have a big year and peak for Nationals.
And I originally thought Boston would be a stinker this year, but after playing them at ECC (after losing to them at CC) they are definitely a strong team.
I'd expect some East Coast action in the Quarters and possibly Semis.