Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tournament 12 - Lesson 2 - Remember to play

Every time I move up to a better team I find the additional pressure a challenge. Mainly, I don't want to let down my teammates and I try to play perfect. I start making errors that I haven't made in a long time.

I realized this weekend after my first game that I need to stop thinking that way and get into the moment. Look for that free flow state in which you are focused on the game and performing instead of thinking too much about every little detail. Especially details like what shouldn't I do.

Pictured Above: John Hassell, #38 on Goat in the air against 3 Sub Zero guys at Chicago Heavyweight Championship (photo courtesy of Robin Davies)

After I started just playing Ultimate and working hard things started to flow. Sure I still made errors, but I strung 3 perfect games in a row until I had two more throw away errors. Again, I was thinking too much and I went back to playing, and finished the rest of the tournament on a perfect run.

I expect all the guys coming into their respective college teams trying to move up from B teams to A teams or high school teams to college teams are feeling similar pressures. Try to remember that down time is about thinking what to do. Downtime being after a drill, practice, game, or tournament. The rest of the time you need to be confident and play. Make the effort and most of your teammates will appreciate you.