Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wildcards and wild times into the fall series Regionals

Sectionals finished off this weekend and the wild cards to the championships have been announced. The Northeast Open was only 4 teams away from a third spot to go. This, I believe, is because Upstate New York sectionals is run in Rochester instead of Toronto, Kingston, or Ottawa which would increase the Open team number by at least 3.

Let's look how the wild cards affect Canadian teams:

  • Northeast
    • Open - as discussed 2 spots to go makes it tight once again for Goat.
    • Women - 4 spots with a strength and size bid. This is looking good for both Capital and Storm.
    • Coed - 3 spots with a strength bid is good for BFC and Denoiret.
    • Masters - 2 spots like almost always. Three strong teams fighting for a spot with Tombstone right in the mix.
  • Central
    • Open - 3 bids (1 size) will help General Strike if they go and can knock off some of BAT, Madcow, Frontline, and Machine.
  • Northwest
    • Open - 4 bids (2 strength) means lots of spots, but still one of the strongest sectionals. Furious, with their potential low seeding will still have lots of room. Invictus has an outside chance.
    • Women - 3 bids (1 strength) will help out Traffic's chance but Riot and Fury, arguably, get 1 and 2 leaving a fight between Traffic and Zeitgeist for the 3rd spot to go.
Over the weekend the only non number one seed to be knocked down a notch was Club Team X with a loss to Chuck Wagon in the West New England section.

This weekend is the Mid Atlantic Regionals with expectations of Ring of Fire, Truck Stop, and either Pike or Burgh to qualify for Nationals in the Open Division; Backhoe, Loose Cannon, and Wicked are the favourites to qualify in the Women's. Also this weekend the Northeast has Furious, Sockeye, Rhino, and Jam favoured to qualify with Invictus, Voodoo, and Rhino all with the potential to upset; in the Women's Fury and Riot will likely be the 1 and 2 while Traffic, Zeitgeist and Schwa battle it out for the 3rd spot to go.