Thursday, September 20, 2007

Poll Thursday - Canadian Teams at UPA Finals

Last week a large percentage of voters voted that they would pay close attention to the UPA series. I'm one of them as both a participant and active observer.

From a Canadian perspective how do we think teams will fair this year? The actual poll question is of 12 teams that I'm guessing will be at Regionals (Goat, Invictus, Furious George, Blackfish, General Strike, Capitals, Traffic, Storm, Bytown Flatball Club, Denoiret, Tombstone, Glum) how many do you think will make it to the UPA championships in Florida (one of 16 teams in each division).

Poll is to the right.



Malcolm said...

did you mean to say finals, or nationals?

Jeters said...

Yeah, I meant 1 of 16 teams in Open, Mixed and Women and 1 of 12 in Masters.


Robert said...

Okay - not very scientific as I have not even looked at which regions everyone falls into but...

FG - tough region but still strong enough to make Finals.

GOAT - gets a break with the folding of DOG and no, PoNY or whoever will not be able to step up.

Traffic - another tough draw but should manage to squeeze in as a 3rd seed.

Capitals - should be #1 or #2 in the region

Invictus, Blackfish, GS and Storm will not qualify. GLUM is not going (half have signed up with Tombstone).

Bytown will have to take second after Slow White to qualify. Possible.

Not sure who Denoiret is? Is this a coed team?

Tombstone - some good pick ups and some tough losses should sort of even out - tough region with Above and Beyond and Big Ego also trying to qualify. Hopefully can knock one of them out as they would be tough in FLA.

My guess is 5 - hedging that one of Bytown or Tombstone qualify.

Daniel Fassina said...

Furious, Goat, Capitals, Traffic and Storm are the locks. Yup, I said Storm.

Bytown and Tombstone have the next best chances after that. If I had to bet I would say they both make it and Canada has 7 teams at UPAs.

And then the Americans really start a movement to kick out Canadian teams, at least in qualifying years for Worlds.

Rahil said...

I heard that there are 4 womens spots for the NE region. That will help Storm's chances quite a bit.

Does GOAT get the #1 seed or does that go to Boston?

Rahil said...

3 spots in mixed, sorry meant to add that.