Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poll Thursday - First 2 Regionals

Last week it appears the majority of us believe that Canada will have 5 teams representing at the UPA Championships. Who are those teams? We'll find out soon.

With the Northwest and the Mid-Atlantic regionals happening this week I'll set up the poll for the Mid-Atlantic. For details on the Northwest go to Danny's blog, and put your bets in Furious if you like them this year (note that there is no Invictus option...don't count them out).

In the Mid-Atlantic poll to your right make your pick. The tournament RRI has them seeded in the same form as I have provided. The banter has Ring, Truck Stop, and Pike going with rumors that Burgh wouldn't go even if they qualified.

Good luck to all, and keep those RRI scores coming in throughout the weekend.

Dr. J


philw said...

congrats on getting your phd, dr j.