Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More indicators - UPA Fall Series

So, my feeling with the East Open teams is that they will compete with the West and might have a break through in the Open division. I would guess the East will get 2 quarter finalists and maybe 3 with a little luck.

Just for clarification, we will call the East - Northeast + Mid Atlantic, Central - South and Central, and the West - Southwest and Northwest.

The comments on my last post brought up the Central division and how it would fair. Well looking at the indicators:

  • Sub Zero - they look strong with losses only coming from teams I would put in UPA semi-finalist and finalist categories. Each loss was by no more than 6 points and that was against Furious who they later beat. It looks like Sub Zero is shooting to return to the Quarters and make a run at semis this year.
    • Positive outlook for the best team out of the Central division.
  • Chain Lightning - the best from the South and with only results from ECC. They have one big win over Johny Bravo and lots of 4 (or less) losses. It will be challenging to repeat their road to the semis last year, based on indicators, but these are just indicators.
    • Neutral results from a team that had great success last year.
  • Machine - Out of central with an appearance at the Colorado Cup. These guys beat Revolver but lost by big margins against Jam, Johny Bravo, Condors, and Sub Zero. It's hard to get a read.
    • Negative outlook based on big losses.
From the indicators it appears that both Central and East teams are offering up competition for the West. It appears that the West has more teams that will be fighting for berths in the quarters, semis, and finals in Florida, but the East+Central is offering up competition that on any given Sunday or Saturday could change the balance.

Yesterdays comment that teams probably can't get all their players out to these long distance tournaments might be a significant factor in using these results as indicators. Also, we should consider these tournaments as prep tournaments for each team.