Monday, September 17, 2007

Sectionals Weekend 2

Most of weekend 2 in the fall series sectionals went as scripted. I, unfortunately, lay on my back the entire weekend wishing I was in Rochester at our Sectionals. Here's a quick summary of the weekend.

In the Open division there are no big upsets. All the number one teams won out their brackets except last weekend where Revolver beat Jam in a a very tight game to take first out of Northern California. The most anticipated game was between Sockeye and Furious with Sockeye winning the section 15-10.

Pictured Above: More Goat vs. Sub Zero action at Chicago. Shaggy (Mark Zimmerl) of Goat is setting up for the throw (Photo courtesy of Robin Davies).

From a Canadian perspective, Furious George (Vancouver), Blackfish (Vancouver), Invictus (Calgary), and Goat (Toronto/Ottawa) move on to Regionals. Phoenix (Ottawa), Firebird (Ottawa), and Grand Trunk (Toronto) will be waiting to see if they qualify either in Div I or Div II Regionals.

In the Mixed Division there are a few surprises.
  • In East New England, Slow White (some pegging this team to win it all) loses to Quiet Coyote in pool play 11-13, but pays back the favor with 15-5 win for 2nd place in the section. Tandem takes the section never having to play Slow White.
  • In California, Brass Monkey takes first from Mischief (last years UPA Mixed Champions) 15-7 having lost twice to them in previous tournaments this year. This isn't a huge upset since both of these teams are top notched and will clash again and again on the road to Florida.
  • In the Rocky Mountain Section, DNC-07 takes first from Bad Larry beating them twice 13-11. Not much details about DNC-07, but we should keep an eye on this team.
Bytown Flatball Club will go to Sectionals next weekend as the Canadian representative in the division.

In Women's, all the big teams went through. In some of the bigger match ups, Riot beats Traffic in Washington/BC section and Fury beats Zeitgeist in Northern California. Both Traffic (Vancouver) and Capitals (Toronto/Ottawa) will be moving on to Regionals with Storm (Montreal) playing next weekend.

The fever continues.



Jeters said...

Rob Gillis pointed out to me that Canada has another coed team in the UPA series: Denoiret from Montreal. They will be playing at Sectionals this coming weekend.

Thanks Rob