Thursday, August 23, 2007

Poll Thursday - Boo

I just watched the ECC finals with the Buzz Bullets and Sockeye. I think the most exciting part of the game was the crowd's repeated "Boo" for player 6 that happened after a Buzz Bullet player had to jump the crowd on a run down out the back of the endzone and Sockeye 6 quickly grabbed the disc and ran the disc into play. It's one of those nothing is in the rules, but it seemed like a cheap move (at least that's how the crowd saw it). The player sensed the crowds boos and sort of waited to make a small simple throw. He got booed 4 or 5 more times throughout the point and more throughout the game, and the crowd really got into supporting the Bullets.

Similarly, at Motown Throwdown in the Goat vs. BAT finals, Grand Trunk became a biased Toronto crowd and sent the boo out on a few calls that BAT made. The two teams made a game of it and the crowd was really into the action. In general, I think the crowd in both games gave the game some more excitement.

The poll this week (to the right) is simple. Should Ultimate crowds stick with the "Boo" or move to the tennis and football disapproval preference of the whistle.



tom said...

I don't know how to whistle. I'm way too excited that the new polls work with WebKit-based browsers and I can finally start voting.

jlo said...

You need a sarcastic heckle option.