Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Posting Vacuum

Hey Folks,

I'm just returning from trying to mix Canadian Nationals and a thesis defense together. Let's just say I'm not sure where I am.

The tournament was up and down for Grand Trunk, but we finished strong beating some teams who had wins in their columns on previous meetings.

I think I've updated all the scores on the RRI and apologize for our poor efforts in keeping people updated on the tournament. If you had a chance to listen to our live feeds of the finals over the internet I hope you enjoyed our first attempt at broadcasting. Norm will eventually pass on the commentary and I'll post them for all to listen to. At our peak we had 59 listeners for the Women's game.

Now we're into the fall season and almost the University season. I, fortunately, just squeak in for one more year of CUUC action and we'll be heading out to Vancouver. I'll also be following the UPA club championships in some form.

So, I'll be back to regular posts tomorrow starting with a look back to Bathurst odds and how off I was.