Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Art on the field

In line with the logo battle, I've been pushing teams and artists for photos of their jerseys. Over the past few seasons, I've noticed significant leaps and bounds in terms of the jersey art. This is due to the cost reductions and technological advances in jersey production by the major Ultimate apparel companies (VC, fiveultimate, Gaia, Lookfly...). The other factor is our sport seems to be more open to fashion on the field.

Pictured above: Bodhi jersey (photo courtesy of Marc Hodges)

If we're looking to differentiate ourselves from other sports, then the logo, team name, and fashion of uniforms is a distinguishing feature that makes us different. I'm all for the push into the art domain.

Pictured Above: This years Torontula jersey (photo from Alex Tat)

The one limiting factor is still cost. However, consider what 20-30 dollars or pounds means in the big scheme of thing, and think about how long you keep your jersey for. I'm a penny pincher at heart, but money for good looking jerseys seems to be well spent. It also makes you feel great when your team is walking around with the threads of a tournament.

On another note, keep those logos coming in. I've seen some spectacular entries so far, and things should be fun over the coming months.