Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poll Thursday - UPA Wrapup

So, Fury was the only winner that was picked correctly. There's something to be said for incumbents having the advantage in the polls, but in a sport based tournament (like March Madness) it's hard to predict winners.

I missed out on the live feeds for the finals (I was in Edinburgh and the train to London), but I heard the usual commentary on the commentary. See tomorrows movie clip to get a funny look at commentary on the internet.

Due to the elections completing in the U.S., New Zealand, and Canada (I apologize if the Times newspaper missed out on other elections) we'll take a break from polling. Instead, I'll include a second post summarizing many of the polls I've archived.

Finally, get those submissions in for the logo battle. Note, I've had afew people email me in the Open division (maybe I should have called it General division). Any logo sent to me is entered, and it can be from any team.