Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poll Thursday - Logo Battle I

And so it begins...

The logo battle starts this week. Thanks to all the artists and captains who have submitted logos (you can still submit up until the final round). I'll give more details about logos as they move into later rounds.

Last time I ran this it was relatively easy to get logos off websites. This is not as true anymore, so I'm not making too much an effort to collect logos from all the teams. This includes the big name teams who haven't responded. I'll leave that to teams and people to submit (jamieson dot peter at gmail dot com). Keep them coming in, and if you have a logo from another club that you think should be included just send it in.

Here's the logos this week (polls right):

College Division

1. Amherst Dark Army

2. Appalachian State

3. American University

General Division

1. Clapham

2. Blackfish

3. Jawbone

UPA Championship Division

1. Condors

2. Alpha Cobra Squad

3. Above and Beyond



ellsworthless said...

one vote for the pulse smartpen.

Gambler said...

these "rounds" seem pretty arbitrary. Two really good logos could end up in the same round and only one advances. If you had larger heats all in the same division, you could advance the top 3 vote getters or something. Seems like it would be fairer to me.

Druski said...

Prolly shoulda consulted with Tarr on the format...

Jeters said...

Similar comments were made last time I did this. There are many ways to approach the problem, but I'm mostly keen on showing peoples logos, and giving them some time in the limelight. The battle part is just for fun, and by no means is the winner representative of any thing other than a popular vote (due to factors such as familiarity, local population, quality of the logo, etc.)


Foggy said...

I think ours is pretty good regarding the connection to a robbery, hostage taking and the establishment of a famous mental state: